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José James


José James is often referred to as "a jazz singer for the hip-hop generation", and the New York City-based vocalist combines jazz, soul, drum 'n' bass and spoken word in his own distinctive way.

The single "38th and Chicago" has recently been released, a song whose name is the street intersection where George Floyd lost his life in 2020. The song is an exploration of faith, grief and perseverance in an area where police brutality hits the African-American community hard. James grew up a few blocks away and explains: "It could have been me that got shot".

The song '38th and Chicago' is featured on the album '1978', which will be released in April 2024. The album pulses with social engagement and feel-good vibes inspired by Marvin Gaye, Prince and Stevie Wonder. José James has both African-American and Latin American heritage, and in the album he explores African-American musical tradition by collaborating with Congolese rapper Baloji, as well as including Brazilian star Xenia França!

Last Updated: 04/21/2024

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