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Kal-El || Hulen

Kal-El is a Tony Iommi approved Norwegian heavy rock band. These rockers have released three full lengths alongside a pair of EP's and toured both Europe and the States since their formation in 2012. The band is a product of diverse influences, and though they draw from the classics like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Sleep and Motorpsycho (and many more...), if one listens closely, they can hear hints of thrash metal and Skandirock fleshing out the sound. It makes for a unique group who are determined to head out and take on the world. Formed out of a desire to experiment with new riffs, Kal-El rapidly rose to prominence with the release of Pakal in 2013. From there, a breakneck release schedule has served to set them in a league of their own. The band has already been invited backstage with Ozzy, supporting Brant Bjork and yes, getting a message of approval from Tony Iommi himself. They're all just landmarks in a quest for heavy rock domination. Burgeoned by their fans and eager to push their music to a bold new level, Kal-El is always looking to the next horizon.

Last Updated: 02/29/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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