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Kayak + Sauna = <3

Health and well-being - A refreshing and relaxing experience!How about spending the day nurturing both body and mind? With a kayak trip from Tempe to Nyhavna followed by a sauna session at HAVET Arena, we're sure you'll get to do just that! Maybe you dare to jump in the water too?Duration: approx. 4.5 hours (2.5 is set aside for the sauna)About the tripThis is the perfect combination. The paddling trip starts at Tempe, where you will receive brief instructions on safety and paddling techniques. The beginner-friendly kayak trip goes upstream through Trondheim's historic river landscape and ends at Nyhavna's saunas at HAVET Arena. Here you can relax both body and soul, and in addition you get to experience Trondheim's new urban district. At the saunas, you have access to a cloakroom and a shower. There are also opportunities to buy something good by the glass. Everything is here to relax after a short paddling session!You do not need any previous paddling experience.Included in the price;• Double kayaks (Single kayak only for single single bookings)• Paddles and all necessary safety equipment (suit included in winter trips Dec.-March)• Transport of kayak• 20 min intro on paddling techniques and safety• 2.5 hours of sauna time (swimwear is required)

Last Updated: 09/11/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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