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Klossmajor // Langhuset

With three-part vocals, rap, a good dose of humor and a twinkle in the eye, Klossmajor are now ready with their third album and tour!

"Naturen" will be released in its entirety in October, and the band is celebrating with a longer Norwegian tour.

-Groovy, feelgood and chill, the three vocalists sing about growing up, love and relationships, now with a little more experience under their belts. With good reviews on the albums "Ordner seg for kinde jänter" and "Alt j ikke har" Klossmajor is steadily earning his place as a faithful musical companion both recorded and live!

The three vocalists (Karoline Karlsen, Dorothea Økland, Maja Sørbø) alternate being in the front with strong vocal harmonies, velvety melodies and elements of rap, and have with them a steady band and co-producers (Håvard Ersland, Martin Morland, Sander Eriksen Nordahl, Olav Abildgaard).

Together, they take you into a landscape of atmospheric synths, light rhythms and lyrics that hit right in the chest. Karoline Karlsen writes straightforward and honest pop pearls, the songs stick to the brain and the reverberates the ear for a long time afterwards!

Last Updated: 06/24/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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