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Kristiansen // Vemøy - Good Friday concert


Good friday concert with the electronica duo Kristiansen // Vemøy

For the third year running, the duo Kristiansen // Vemøy play a concert at Kulturkirken Jakob on Godd Friday during Easter week.

Their first album, «Hymns of Compassion» was released in 2021. It is inspired by the Passion story's battle, suffering and hope. The duo's second album, «Hymns of Longing» from 2022, is about human longing for the eternal and the divine.

This concert is based on both of these album. Kristiansen // Vemøy's music is inspired by electronic music and the expressiveness of romantic composers. A mix of sacral music, an electronic base and accoustic elements create a dynamic soundscape and a musical esthetic which encompasses both the noise and the calm.

Kristiansen // Vemøy
Øyvind Kristiansen - keys and programming
Jonas Kilmork Vemøy - trumpet and electronics

Last Updated: 02/21/2024

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