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La Mòss, Mysen


a special offer on deep-fried chorizo risotto with cream cheese and arugula.

In the middle of Mysen center you will find this cozy little gem of a restaurant. In the room you enter the room, you notice the good atmosphere in the room. Here you can only lower your shoulders and enjoy the evening with your girlfriend, good friends or business associates. The room has a warm atmosphere, here one should be able to lower shoulders and enjoy the evening, the food and maybe dream off to warmer areas. During eat out the days - week 41, La Moss wants to make a special offer on deep-fried chorizo risotto with cream cheese and arugula. Price NOK 140,- The restaurant is built on a basis of "passion" for food and a desire to provide a food experience to the people. The menu that is served changes every week and after season. We place high demands on the raw materials we use in La Mòs restaurant and we use raw materials from the local market and farms that are short distances from us. When you come to us to choose between our well-thought-out dishes in our menu, you can choose one dish or one full evening with 5 dishes. On the menu you will always find choices on appetizers, main courses, middle course and dessert Along with good food, we also serve good drinks, with all rights. We have our own wine cellar with a good selection of wines that are enjoyed for every dish. With us you get a lovely dining experience at a nice price. Welcome !

Last Updated: 09/11/2023

Source: Visit Indre Østfold

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