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Learn Meditation | Free introductory course


Experience meditation 🌺 In this course you learn simple but effective meditation (which you can also take home and practice afterwards). A regular meditation practice can help you feel more inner peace and joy in your life.

Suitable for you with no or a lot of experience. Would love to come more times 😊

This evening you can experience
• Deep breathing and easy relaxation
- Inspiration & wisdom behind meditation & yoga
- Mantra meditation & soothing music

👉 Every Tuesday at 18:00 - 18:50,
No registration, and completely free!
You can find us at our center in Erling Skakkes gate 3, 2nd floor

From 19:00 - 19:45 we have Deep Peace where you can lie down for guided deep relaxation. If you want, you can join both. More info at LINK

Warm welcome 😊

Last Updated: 12/30/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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