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Legend Metalfest 2024 // Keiser + Plow (all ages)


We think it's a good tradition to be able to offer concerts to even the very youngest during Legend Metalfest. We started with this last year and by offering the same this year, this is starting to look like a tradition. And like last year, there will be two concerts for the youngest.

This Saturday, two local bands will be playing for children, young people and adults of all ages. PLOG is by far the heaviest band in the city and with their stoner doom they will drag you into a new world full of atmosphere, darkness and musicality.
KEISER is the second band and here we are delivered delicious riff-based thrasha black metal that will remove all traces of earwax left in your ears.

In a world where family finances matter more and more, we believe that free concerts for children and young people mean more than anyone knows, and we therefore encouraged parents, guardians and other adults to take their children to a concert before the expensive sport takes them.

The concert starts at 13:30 and entry is free for anyone under 26 and NOK 200 if you are over 26. The doors open at 13:00, but there is a lot to see at Rockheim, so feel free to bring the family and have an ice cream on the top floor before going to the concert.

The event is of course alcohol-free.

You can get free tickets for young people and tickets for adults here:

The venue at Rockheim is wheelchair-friendly. If you need a companion ticket, contact us at and we will of course arrange it :)

Entry is free on presentation of a valid Legend Metalfest festival band.


Last Updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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