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Lerum Cup, Sogndal


Wonderful football tournament for children between 6-14 years of age with matches distributed in Sogndal, Kaupanger and Hafslo from 22-25 June

All the way down to 6 years where you play on small football fields with 3 players to 14-year-old football with bigger fields with 9 players, you get a weekend by the Sognefjord with lots of laughter and fun.

Buses have been set up to and from Sogndal, Kaupanger and Hafslo that run in shuttles all weekend.

Every year at the end of June, 4-5,000 eager soccer girls and boys come to Sogndal for the Lerum Cup! Good grass-artificial pitches, long experience as an organizer and a tight and clear arrangement are some of the reasons why many teams come back year after year.

The matches are played at Sogndal football's training center in Hafslo, Fosshaugane Campus, Kaupanger and in Gaupne. This provides a tight and clear event where the good and safe tournament environment is the focus. All transport to and from the courses and schools used for accommodation is free and runs according to its own route system.

Sogndal, with its almost 7,000 inhabitants and 2,000 students, is the regional center of Indre Sogn. Here you will find a bustling folk life and a good selection of shops. With the Sognefjord, glaciers, stave churches and other tourist magnets nearby, you will find many places to stay in Sogndal and Luster.

Welcome to the Lerum Cup - the folk festival in Indre Sogn!

Last Updated: 02/29/2024

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

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