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LIGHT CONCERT with Nidaros domkor

Welcome to an atmospheric night concert with Nidaros domkor, dom cantor Petra Bjørkhaug and lighting artist Pekka Stokke.

"No time is like this, the last, silent hour of the evening"
-Karin Boye-

Imagine the last hour of the evening in Nidaros Cathedral: The lighting inside the church is dimmed, but the midsummer night outside gives light to the stained glass windows. Choral music fills the cathedral, and as the song ends, new sounds emerge, this time from the organ. The choir and the sounds of the organ move around the room, and gradually the light changes.

You experience the room in a new way, discover beautiful carvings in stone, or see the light dancing on the columns.

"The last hour of the evening is an hour of reflection on what has been, an hour of dreams and hope for what is to come," says conductor Karen Haugom Olsen. “But it is also an hour for presence, here and now. There can be enormous power in being present precisely in this span between day and night, between past and future. The power of reflection – the power of hope – the power of presence. What would the world look like if all heads of state took the time for an hour every evening to sit quietly and listen - to music, sounds from street life or the silence. What does it do to us to sit still for an hour and let our eyes wander - discovering small indentations in stone or watching the slow movements of the shadows on the wall as the sun sets?"

The repertoire includes Egil Hovland's "Karin Boyes aftonbön", choral motets by Anton Bruckner and organ improvisations by cantor Petra Bjørkhaug. All accompanied by Pekka Stokke's mood-painting light art.


Last Updated: 06/14/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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