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Literary respite at Feministhuset

Welcome to a literary respite in autumn 2024 at Feministhuset.

You are perhaps used to reading circles where you meet and talk about a text you have read in advance? Shared reading is a different encounter over text. It is about the immediate experience in the community and therefore requires no prior knowledge.

Feministhuset's shared reading is led by Beret Wicklund. She selects a short story and a poem in advance which she reads aloud to the group. Along the way, we stop and open up for reflection on what we have read. No preparation or prior knowledge is required to participate. Shared reading is for everyone, and we explore literature together. There is room to share all kinds of spontaneous thoughts, but it is also perfectly fine to listen, if you wish.

To create a safe space that gives everyone the opportunity to participate, we limit the number to twelve participants, and free tickets can be picked up at Hoopla. Tea will be served. Questions can be directed to Beret at

Last Updated: 06/24/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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