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MålRock festival, Årdal


The MålRock festival is arranged every year at Årdalstangen in Årdal. Famous artists are comming - are you ready?

The foundation in MålRock will work to promote pop and rock performed in dialect, Nynorsk, Norwegian and possibly other Nordic languages.
The festival weekend starts on Friday and then Rotlaus will come, and what a show this will be!

On Saturday, Odd Norstoga comes and few manage to describe the poetry of the weekday as Odd Norstoga manages, without it ever becoming clichéd or bloated. He sings about the forest, about autumn. About longing to return to summer, about the days that came and went.

More artists are coming, and this will be updated here.
Spend the weekend in Årdal and spend the night at the Klingeberg Hotel
If you want to be a little active that weekend, you can contact Bulder & Brak who will take you on kayak trips or guide you on hiking trips in Årdal.

Last Updated: 01/09/2024

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

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