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Trøndelag Trondheim

Mantra Diving with Atmasfera (FREE)

  • Kjøpmannsgata 12, Trondheim
  • 41075816
  • October 22, 2017
  •  /  6:00 PM
  •  /  Price NO
  • (1 Upcoming Dates)

We're all in need of warmth - something that actually fills us up from the inside in this cold autumn weather.
In this interactive mini-concert we will dive into the soothing yoga sounds together and fill our hearts with warmth!

The hearing and singing of mantras is an ancient and effective way to rediscover the happiness within ourselves. These special sound vibrations carry an incredibly powerful energy and is a simple way to pacify the mind and soothe the weary heart.

"#Mantramagic #grateful #Atmasfera #interactiveconcert #nowords #youshouldhaveseenit! Thank you Atmasfera for a wonderful musical party."

This interactive Mantra Diving will be held by indie yoga music band Atmasfera from Ukraine, currently touring Europe. Atmasfera combine indie music with ethno-motifs from the entire world - especially the enchanting mantras in Sanskrit. They have a unique intensity of sound in their dynamic melodies, which they also carry into their more tender and mellow pieces.

Book your free seat now on www.tmy.no/atma!

  • Source: Trondheim Events

Sun, October 22, 2017 6:00 PM

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Mantra Diving with Atmasfera (FREE)
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