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Mari Boine ready for new Norway tour!

The iconic Sami-Norwegian artist and activist Mari Boine is one of the closest things to a living legend you can get on land, and on 2. March shes coming to HAVET.

Mari Boine is known as one of the most boundary-breaking musical pioneers in this country. She is difficult to place in a musical booth, but is probably best covered by the term World Music in the richest sense of the word. Boine's music draws inspiration from jazz, folk music, rock and electronic music.

Recently it was announced that Mari Boine is one of the artists who will participate in the TV2 success Every time we meet in 2024, side by side with artists such as Ingrid Helene Håvik from Highasakite, Matoma, Ramón, William Kristoffersen, Emelie Hollow and Odin Staveland from Vamp. The reports from the recording say that we can expect more unique moments and exciting interpretations from Mari.

Recently, Boine released the album Amame together with another Norwegian musical world star, pianist Bugge Wesseltoft. The collaboration has received a fantastic reception, and the album has been
described as one of the year's strongest by the reviewers, who have rolled 6s in spades.

Fresh quotes from the press about the album and tour:


Doors: 19.00
Concert start: 20.00

Locale: Djupet

Last Updated: 12/06/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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