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Media 22 - 26. juli 2011


The exhibition "Media 22-26 July 2011" presents the media's immediate reaction to the terrorist attack.

The 22 July Centre aims to provide both those with and without personal memories an insight into the media coverage during those days and an opportunity to reflect on the choices made. Visitors are taken back to a time when much about the terrorist attack was still uncertain and unclear. A time when we did not have all the information we have today about how and why the attack could happen.

The conversation continues twelve years after the terrorist attack. The 22 July Centre encourages the audience to reflect on what was done right and what could have been done differently in the coverage of the terrorist attack. Through a selection of newspaper front pages from across Norway, a film featuring those affected commenting on the media handling, and the chance to delve deeper through more newspaper front pages, online articles, and literature, they aim to invite reflection, discussion, and learning. The goal of the 22 July Centre is to contribute to the ongoing conversation about July 22nd.

The exhibition will run to April 14, 2024.
Opening hours: 
Thursday to Sunday, 11 am-5 pm

Last Updated: 01/16/2024

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