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Midsummer Eve 2024

YAAAAAA!!! Then it's finally almost time again.
The highlight of the summer, go into the holidays with a bang!!!
Lille Skansen's annual summer party. So, you can't miss this. We are expanding the "festival area" considerably so we can bring in more festive people, magical sandwich cakes for those who are looking forward to it, and of course our "husband" J*ar på kärlek plays all the Swedish classics and a little more. For those who want to come for food, the concert ticket is included as always.
Trondheim's only Swedish midsummer buffet will be served, a concert ticket is included with the purchase of the buffet.
New for this year is that you can choose from different packs in different price categories according to advance purchase, see the description under ticket categories. Advance purchase of concert tickets only is done here. This year, as last year, we also GUARANTEE everyone who has bought a ticket with food in advance to have a roof over their head, it may happen that there will be a drop or two from above. So move around to secure your place.

Last Updated: 04/24/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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