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Mini PEACE festival


International Women's League for Peace and Freedom (IKFF) in Trondheim invite
MiniFRED festival
31 May-22 June at Feministhuset (Kjøpmannsgt. 51) and in a bunker vis a vis Feministhuset (Ola Brun garage)

About 50 works were submitted when IKFF in Trondheim invited through an Open Call to a feminist group exhibition on the theme WAR/PEACE/WOMEN/FREEDOM. About 30 of these works will be shown in the exhibition rooms at Feministhuset and in a bunker under Kjøpmannsgata. At the same place, in the bunker, we invite you to a FRED concert with many exciting artists on 31 May.
The MiniFRED festival also offers several workshops connected to the exhibition at Feministhuset.

Why this miniFRED festival?
Throughout history, women have often been marginalized or left out of discussions related to conflicts and PEACE building, while at the same time women bear a great burden of the effects of war, including an ever-growing experience of sexual violence, loss of family members and displacement. IKFF in Trondheim hopes that the festival can help to highlight the FRED perspective and inspire many more people to get involved in FRED building in different ways.

Exhibition opening in the bunker
31 May at 13-15
Culture by Bård Leistad on saxophone (Known from the Boston Tea Party)
This exhibition is a POPUP exhibition and will only be on for a short time, June 1 from 1-3pm and June 2 from 1-3pm.

Concert in the bunker
31 May at 19-22
1900-1915: Audun Eriksen at DIDJERIDU
1915-1935: Tora Synnøve Yli Myre sings a Peace Prayer by Francis of Assisi, followed by improvisation with a drum
1935-1955: Nadin Al Khalidi from Iraq/Sweden, with a trio.
1955-2015: Nadin Al Khalidi tells about her journey, as a woman, from the war in Iraq, to being a refugee and living in peaceful Sweden.
2015-2035: Ragnhild Lila Risnes
2035-2050: Svartlamon Women's Choir
2050-2110: Strangerous
2110-2120: Alexandra Fossen Pavlovic
2120-2140: Panter Tanter Productions with reports from "Sint"
2140-2200: Amalia Fonfari

Drinks: Coffee and soft drinks
Food: Maryam Rasouli offers Afghani finger food. The profit goes to Kvinnehagen, an organization that sends direct support to women in Afghanistan.
NB: We have around 50 folding chairs available. If you want to secure a seat during the entire concert, feel free to bring your own chair.

Exhibition opening at Feministhuset
1 June 13-15:
Best work is nominated!
Culture feature: CROTONICX "WAHA - they tried to bury us but they forgot that we were seeds"
FEATURED PERFORMERS: Batoul Rida Nemr, Barbara Neira Mix, Loan TP Hoang
This exhibition runs until 22 June 

Supported by Trondheim Municipality, IKFF, Transform and FREDsstiftelsen


Last Updated: 05/10/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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