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Muligheten for ømhet


What is a man?

​Seven Chilean teenage boys feel powerless in the face of adults' views on the world and decide to resist. They distance themselves from the expectation that men should be strong and aggressive, presenting their vision of what it means to be a man on stage.

The youths ask themselves: What prevents us from showing tenderness and expressing our own need for closeness? What happens if we don't meet the demands placed on us? What stops us from showing our own vulnerability?

In the Chilean play The Possibility of Tenderness ("La posibilidad de la ternura"), the young men share their experiences. The performance is the result of workgroups with youths aged 13-17, auditions, and a collaborative creative process. Together, the boys on stage construct their own masculinity, confront the fear of being ostracized, and open up to supporting each other.

"Against the backdrop of a global society where men still lead wars and are responsible for systematic violence, practicing tenderness holds a revolutionary power. It opens up to other forms of masculinity, far from barbarism and brutality," writes the theater company La Re-Sentida, behind the production.

The Chilean company consists of performing artists from different generations who are dedicated to breaking away from established thought patterns.

Photo: Teatre Escalante

Last Updated: 04/13/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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