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NAVÉ AND THE GHOST COLLECTORS, an indie-rock-blues band from the west coast of Norway, bridges the gap between several genres. They glide easily through the melodies of blues, the hard beats of rock, the individuality of indie music; they will create music that speaks your language. The band was formed in Norway, but we still manage to find international influence in their music. The usual underlying tones of blues music are always there, but bring forth a new and modern expression to reach out to younger generations. Navé, front man on vocals and his seductive harmonica, is also the source of the lyrics.
The expression is complex in his storytelling; inspired by climate change, ghost stories, politics, frustrations in love and relationships as well as science and space travel. Different musical qualities are added in a continuous dynamic, creative process; As a live band, they have a great interaction with the audience and convey an exceptional amount of energy with a lot of passion. If you prefer rock, indie or blues ... NAVÉ AND THE GHOST COLLECTORS leave no one unaffected.

Last Updated: 05/05/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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