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NTNU Jazzlinja's Exam Concert Festival - day 2


Day 2 of jazzlinja's exam festival 2024! We continue with the graduating bachelor students:

18:00 Siv Aurlund:
Vocals and piano - Siv Aurlund
Trumpet - Tuva Olsson
Trombone - Emil Bø
Tenor saxophone - Simon Hagerup Holm
Guitar - Odin Kristian Fiskvik
Double bass and electric bass - Oda Kristine Steinkopf
Drums - Inga-Mei Steinbru
Choristers from the gospel choir PAX

18:45 Bendik Løland Lundsvoll:
Brede Sørum - Saxophone
Sondre Moshagen - Piano
Bendik Løland Lundsvoll - Double bass
Steinar Heide Bø - Drums

19:30 Johannes Elnan:
Klaus Holm - Saxophone
Kristian Enkerud Lien - Guitar
Johannes Elnan - Bass
Hans Hulbækmo - Drums, percussion

20:15 Simon Hagerup Holm:
Bendik Lundsvoll - Double bass
Odin Fiskvik - Guitar
Øyvind Leite - Drums
Simon Hagerup Holm - Saxophone

The concerts have free entry.

Last Updated: 05/14/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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