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nyMusikk's Christmas concert


By nyMusikk Trondheim

Cheer me around a juniper bush - nyMusikk returns to Rosendal with yet another alternative, sparkling Christmas concert!

Rosendal Teater is overjoyed that nyMusikk Trondheim is once again - and true to tradition - playing Christmas at Rosendal with its alternative Christmas concert. Last year we were greeted by glittering purple Christmas trees, an exceptionally good atmosphere around the long tables and fantastic sound play from the stage, around well-known and unknown Christmas songs.

This year there are new musicians, and no one really knows what to expect, other than that we know it's going to be rough. After the concert, there will be a Christmas party in Rosendal Café, so here you have the chance to really get into the mood. Stay tuned to the website for updated information about musicians and songs as it approaches!

NyMusikk is a nationwide year-round organizer and organization for contemporary music, and NyMusikk Trondheim is a local team made up of Trondheim's leading contemporary musicians. NyMusikk's vision is "to promote radical, experimental and genre-crossing music throughout Norway"

Language: Sound, music, Norwegian and English

Last Updated: 11/06/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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