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Olavsfest concert: Balkan Ensemble


Festival artist Tiril Havdal has various forms of expression for her creative power. We end Olavsfest with a concert with her and the rest of the Balkan Ensemble who take us on a journey through the baltic region's rich cultural heritage.

Balkan Ensemble wants to share its enthusiasm for the exciting rhythms and harmonies of baltic music with festive songs that invite you to dance and party, to melancholic music where the region's dramatic history is clearly present in the melodies.

Balkan Ensemble was started in 2022 and consists of Svetlana Krstic Aksnes, Ellen Margrethe Eide, Kristina Cepkenovic Karlsen, Kristina Jane Murdin, Aya Gil, Tiril Havdal and Jelena Radinovic.

Guest musician Erlend Eide on clarinet.

Last Updated: 07/04/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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