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Olavsfest conversation: Teater Fusentast with Ragna Vorkinnslien


We invite you to a conversation about living an artistic life outside the traditional bastions of power. Actress and visual artist Coby Omvlee, along with puppeteer and general practitioner Jaap den Hertog, gave Trondheims residents the opportunity to experience theater beyond the grand stages when they arrived in town 44 years ago. Collaborating with other artists, they have contributed to expanding our cultural offerings, often through performances with social relevance.

Jaap den Hertog’s choice of themes for his performances is influenced by his experiences of living closely with patients’ existential questions. He is currently performing his brand-new show, “Greetings from,” which revolves around refugee children Hans and Grete, among other topics.

Coby Omvlee’s artistic practice also includes redesign, where she rescues discarded images and objects, breathing new life into them using her distinctive dot technique. Children, youth, and adults alike find great joy in dotting functional and decorative items alongside her at her workshop table. Her latest production, “Langligger,” emerged from her extended hospital stay after a car accident and is currently being showcased in many countries.

Explore the diverse artistic world of Fusentastene!

Last Updated: 07/02/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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