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Olavsfest conversation: Tiril Havdal and art hitorian Oda Austnes


Ceramicist Tiril Havdal has, during her thirty years as a ceramicist, shifted focus from aesthetics to the raw and bare, full of traces. She sees and appreciates the value in various traces such as scars, wounds, and contortions. She explores and experiments with clay, often in a large format, to see what the material can withstand - the same way that life exposes people to hardships.

Tiril Havdal is the Olavsfest artist of 2024, showing the exhibition "Sevje" in the period 18th July - 11th August. Get to know more about the artistry of Tiril Havdal, the artist who believes that death is a process that starts at the same time as life, and who sees the beauty beyond ideals.

Please note that norwegian is spoken for this event.  

Last Updated: 07/04/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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