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Ole Christian Haagenrud


In Grieg's footsteps.

Pianist Ole Christian Haagenrud, born in Bergen, has ever since he was a boy enjoyed playing Grieg's music.

'I remember climbing in the trees in the avenue at Troldhaugen on the way to one of my first concerts. There is a natural freshness in Grieg's music that I particularly love,' he says.

Yet even though Haagenrud often has Grieg in his programmes, there are several works in this concert which are new to him. The repertoire comes from one of Grieg's very last concerts, which took place in Kristiania – as Oslo was called then – on 21 March 1906.

'Tried to do a Rubinstein for the first time this evening by playing a whole concert programme. Admittedly just small things. But for me it was a dress rehearsal for what I could manage of public piano performances … thank God! I was astonished at how well I coped with it,' Grieg wrote in his journal.

'It will be a special experience to perform these works in the very room Grieg sat and practised the same pieces,' says Haagenrud, who has appeared at the Bergen International Festival several times before.

The project has also resulted in a recording entitled Concert 1906, in which the pianist and soprano Lydia Hoen Tjore together present their interpretation of Grieg's historical concert.

Photo: Lluis Calm Vidal


Thursday 23 May Ole Christian Haagenrud and soprano Lydia Hoen Tjore will give a concert together in Troldsalen, also with works and stories from Grieg's 1906 concert.

Last Updated: 03/02/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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