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Ondsagsdans på Flotten


Nidaros Accordion Club organizes the last Wednesday of every month, a Wednesday dance at Flotten Forsamlinghus in Tiller.

This is an event for all ages, and the music varies from swing, via Latin to a proper pols. In other words, what we used to call a proper dance party.

The music is mainly provided by the Accordion Club's two main orchestras; Nidaros Accordion Orchestra and Nidarosingen. In addition to this, there are always musical surprises, and in the past both Dagfinn Gaarden and Sigmund Sæther have performed for dance. At the end of the season, we have extra invited orchestras, and at least a 1-hour concert before the dancing begins, with many varied elements from classical music, entertainment music, diatonic accordions, duets and more.

Every time we have a raffle with lots of nice prizes, and at the end of the season some extra nice ones. Last summer we got, among other things, the possibilities of raffling off travel gift cards from VEGA travel.

There is also the option of a snack and something to nibble on, as well as soft drinks and coffee, for those who want this.

This has become a very popular event that has been incorporated over the past two years, and we see that each time the audience comes earlier and earlier to find their permanent seats and a good chair to enjoy the music.

Here there is music with really good dance feet, so if you are interested in getting your dance moves, this is the place.

You are welcome.

Last Updated: 04/05/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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