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Open in the evening: concert with Trygve Seim and Andreas Utnem


Trygve and Andreas have played together as a duo for 25 years and the CD Christmas Songs is their second duo album. The album was recorded in Tøyenkirka in Oslo, and the quality of the recording (conducted at the mixing desk by Peer Espen Ursfjord) gives the feeling of being present in the church, where the reverberation and acoustics channel real Christmas atmosphere. Trygve and Andreas improvise around well-known and beloved (and less well-known, but none the less beloved) Christmas songs, both from Norway, Europe and other places in the world, and the result is heartfelt and poetic versions, sometimes also mysterious. After playing together for many years, the duo has developed a distinctive sound, where they put the melody at the center and improvise responsively around them. The focus on melody has been an important part of "Christmas Songs" as well, through exploring how the simplicity of the Christmas melodies and the Christmas message can often move and resonate deeply. The songs are taken from all over the world and several of them are of ancient origin.

The duo's first recording was the CD "Purcor - Songs for saxophone and piano" which was produced by the legend Manfred Eicher, and released on his prestigious German label ECM Records in 2010. This recording was created as a result of Andreas for many years ( since the 90s) invited Trygve to play at the services in Tøyenkirken where Andreas is the cantor on a daily basis. "Purcor - Songs for saxophone and piano" consists both of improvisations on well-known hymns as well as liturgical parts of the mass composed by Andreas, and in addition improvisations on tunes signed by both Trygve and Andreas.

The event has free entry. Welcome!

Last Updated: 11/14/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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