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Open in the evening in Vår Frue with "A dance on neuroses"

On Fridays we are open long in Vår Frue - open church. At 7 pm we invite you to a church service or cultural activities.This Friday there will be a concert with the band "En dans på neuroser".En Dans på Nevroser is a band from Verdal in Trøndelag that has been actively producing their own music since 2018.The band consists ofTorbjørn Solstad – Guitar / VocalsLars Øyvinn Helden - Guitar / KeyboardLars Ole Olsen – Bass/GuitarBørge Rindsem – Drums / PercussionThe band's sources of inspiration include Cornelis Vreeswijk, Jakob Sande,Johnny Cash, Per Bergesen and Joachim NielsenThey describe themselves as follows:All the texts are in Trønder. In terms of genre, there will be quite a wide range in the songs, from folk to blues/rock.You can find some of our songs on Spotify here:https://open.spotify.com/artist/7sjvUKoda7o7ze94ZY07hy?si=UhsDuOHdSd6VPYZ260AtfQThe common denominator for many of our texts is that they are about people on the fringes of society.Topics such as substance abuse, mental health and suicide are central.With glimpses of black humor and with a first-hand insight into life "outside", there will be close stories that many can relate to.We believe that these stories can perhaps help to reduce the stigmatization of some weak groups in society.Hopefully it will also inspire someone to talk about their own challenges and get help.Even if one is not sitting in a cell, the neuroses can still be placed behind barsNeuroses behind bars, is a planned tour of 3 institutions in the correctional service inTrøndelag, as well as a number of open concerts for the public during September 2023.The theme of the concert is drug addiction and psychiatry.We interweave our own songs with lyrics, stories and visual elements into a narrative of around one and a half hours.Live recordThe plan is to record all the concerts on the tour, and complete a live record on Vinyl, this job is financed through a separate joint for those who are interested in the record.Tournament route:Verdal Prison – Verdal (01 Sept)Trondheim Prison Tonga (September 5)Gullkåinn Visefestival - Inderøy (September 7)Trondheim Prison Leira (12 Sept)Havna Scene – Levanger (13 September)Stiklestad National Cultural Center – Verdal (15 Sept)Gray Bar – Trondhem (16 Sept)Church of Our Lady – Trondheim (29 Sept)Our Home - Steinkjer (30 Sept )

Last Updated: 08/28/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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