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Opera Seeds

Opera seeds, by Teater Fot in interaction with seeds and trees in Ringve botanical garden, is a beautiful experience, specially designed for babies and new parents. With ritual rhythms and warm operatic voices, well-known melodies from Vivaldi are sung and babbled.Suitable for 0-1 year olds accompanied by an adult. Ticket includes one adult with baby. Extra adult tickets can be purchsed. Buy your tickets for the concert at 11:00 here.Buy your tickets for the concert at 13:00 here. Nearest bus stop: Ringve Museum (line 20) or Lade Idretts-anlegg (line 2). ArtistsOla Marius Ryan, tenorLars Eggen, baritoneTor Haugerud, percussionAmalia Fonfara, ceremonyBerit Haltvik With, hats and costumesLise Hovik, directorIn collaboration with Ringve Musikkmuseum.

Last Updated: 06/23/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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