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Orchestra Baobob


West Africa's most iconic band, Orchestra Baobab, was formed in 1970 and today has as much fresh blood on stage as it has strong roots! The band is made up of party-ready musicians who get the audience ready to dance the night away – as if they were at the Baobab Club in Dakar.

Orchestra Baobab has been shaping the music scene in Dakar, Senegal for decades, and does so with its unmistakable sound, which is heavily influenced by Cuban music. Sailors brought Cuban music to West Africa in the 1940s and the orchestra mixed this with the African music genres Wolof and Mandé.

The 2017 album ‘Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng’ was heralded as a stylish return for the band, which had taken a break. Music stars Youssou Ndour and Ibrahim Ferrer are big fans of the band and both sang on this album.

Once again, Cosmopolite is filled with Afro-Cuban rhythms, Portuguese melodies and Congolese rumba! West Africa's most iconic band is coming back - and they're really going to raise the roof!

Last Updated: 06/13/2024

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