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Paint like Munch - 6 weekends!

We let ourselves inspire by Munch's travel through art. Perfect for everyone who loves to paint! A total of 6 weekends with courses.

Times during the day for each weekend we paint:

Saturday 10-18

Sunday 14-17

Weekend 1:

26.-28. january. Charcoal: perspective of a room, compsition, face and body anatomy. We practice techniques, so that you can take quick decisions and draw expressive faces and bodies that can tell a story.

Weekend 2:

9.-11. february. Simple acrylics: We build a simple acrylics painting, one of Munch most known. Everyone paint the same motive. This will build on the same knowledge as last weekend, and you will learn steps you can take advantage of later. Everyone will take home a painting of high quality.

Weekend 3:

15.-17. march. Advanced acrylics: This weekend you can choose another painting from Munch, and create this in the same way we learnt last weekend. You are now confident with this technique, the colors and how you proceed. You will have so much fun with painting advanced Munch!

Weekend 4:

19.-21. April. Oil: To proceed with oil is now easy. You know the steps now, we have practiced with acrylics and the paintings will be even better.

Weekend 5:

24.-26. May linocut: We will use a personal photo and make cool linocuts. This is a technique Munch used inseveral of his famous works. This gives an extraordinary expressive effect on the message of the work, a breath of fresh air between the colors.

Weekend 6:

7--19. june. We travel to Oslo to the Munch museum. You will have to cover for the travel and stay yourself. A tour and a course at the museum is included! We bring a sketchbook and will live in and with the museum that saturday. This is a unique experience, both for beginners and more experienced painters that wants to develop themselves as an artist.

The price for 6 whole weekends included all equipment: 10 800NOK. This can be payed in parts, 1950NOK for 6 months. There are only 10 spots!

On this course there is free coffee, tea, soda and a lollipop or two to have during the course, here you should feel like at home<3

When you purchase this course, you accept that 1600NOK is a binding amount. If you cancel within 1. december, you will get everything except this amount back. After that date we can not refund the amount, because it wont be possible to find someone to fill your spot with such a short notice.

Tutor: Lilja Kristjánsdóttir

Last Updated: 09/17/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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