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Art camp and workshop with kunstpilotene in Nygårdsparken

Small or large?
In the upper part of Nygårdsparken, young and old are eagerly exploring the installation "ParkCreeps".

Through the magnifying glasses in the installation, they catch a glimpse of a piece of moss that, when enlarged, resembles trees, small stones that turn into boulders and, close by, an ant that becomes the size of a moose in the forest.

The magic of glass is that it can magnify and allow what otherwise remains hidden to become visible.

"ParkCreeps" is about discovering the invisible, wild nature that can also be found in the magnificent, planted park nature in Nygårdsparken.

You can participate
Make small park creeps from beeswaxclay for the Art installation in the park. The creeps' habitat is the real nature that lives there, and your creep becomes part of a hidden miniature world.

Species diversity weekend 08.06 and 09.06
In connection with the UN's annual Biodiversity Day (International Day for Biological Diversity 22.05), VilVite has twice previously carried out a weekend on biodiversity where various actors (UiB, Nature Conservancy, La Humla Suse, Bærekraftig liv etc.), focus on the valuable and vulnerable life that lives around us. This year kunstpilotene are also invited to contribute with an Art project in the park.

Where, what and when:

Location: Nygårdsparken, upper part.

What: Installation workshop, Art camp and exhibition with kunstpilotene in Nygårdsparken and the Culture Pavilion.

Workshop and Art camp: Sat 01.06, Sun 02.06, Sat 08.06, Sun 09.06, drop in at 12-3pm.

Exhibition: 01.06.24 - 11.06.24.

Free (applies to activities organized by kunstpilotene). For all.

Collaboration partners: Bergen Science Centre VilVite and Bergenhus and Årstad cultural office.

Prod.: kunstpilotene

Last Updated: 03/12/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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