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PRAXIS Workshop with Martin Haugland Sundby

Welcome to our PRAXIS weekend workshops for performing artists and people with movement experience.
PRAXIS Workshop with Martin Haugland Sundby
Saturday 8.6.2024 at 11-15 Meeting point at DansiT (Strandvegen 33, Trondheim)

This is a parkour workshop. That is, we work on finding unique movement possibilities, which use our surroundings, such as benches, fences, sculptures, trees, etc. We will walk around and visit many places during the lesson. To begin with, one will be introduced to some movements, which are effective for moving, past, over, under, and on top of things. The degree of difficulty will be modifiable: some of the moves my grandmother did, and some of them may take years to learn. We also warm up by practicing a little fall competence. Furthermore, we will use this movement repertoire to learn an environment-oriented methodology to improve the movements one already knows. We explore this further, with how to adapt the movements to unique surroundings, and finally how to create unique movements in interaction with the surroundings.
Along the way we focus on the unique aspects of the mentality of parkour.
Finally, we will change the methodology and mentality a little to see how this can be used in dance.

Bio: Martin Haugland Sundby has taught parkour for 10+ years and works as a circus educator at the cultural school. Has taught, and worked with stage combat/stuntman, who dances on many projects and has been a choreographer for all the disciplines mentioned above. He likes to play, improvise and create interaction in what he works with.

Registration and info:

Price: NOK 150-500 (sliding scale)
Drop-in price must be paid upon arrival before the workshop via vipps or cash. The sliding scale system allows you to pay according to your financial situation. The recommended price is NOK 300. By paying more you make it possible for others to pay less.

Last Updated: 12/19/2023

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