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Röyksopp // Trondheim Spektrum

Norway's biggest pioneers in the electronica genre are finally coming back to Trondheim to fill Trondheim Spektrum with a concert experience of the rare!Röyksopp sold out Oslo Spektrum earlier this year with a show that took most people's breath away, turning a full arena into a pulsating dance floor as if it were on a club stage. An impressive fireworks display of music and visual scenery, and with fantastic guest performers, including from Susanne Sundfør and Astrid S.The album "Melody AM" in 2001 shot Röyksopp straight into the international starry sky, and since then the Tromsøværingen have never looked back. For over 20 years, the superlatives have been showering from the press, there have been many nominations and awards, from everything such as the Spellemannsprisen (7 awards!), Grammy Awards, MTV Music Awards, etc.Now they are back with no less than three albums, "Profound Mysteries", which has pushed the boundaries to become an audiovisual experience like no one else has done before them.Welcome to one of the biggest music experiences of the year in Trondheim Spektrum on 26 October!Tickets: https://www.eventim.no/event/roeyksopp-live-trondheim-spektrum-17215368/

Last Updated: 07/06/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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