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In the exhibition "Re-M-Embers", Æsa Björk addresses themes such as memory, loss of memory, and thoughts on personal isolation.The gallery space is filled with reflective and partially translucent glass panels, inviting the viewer to move between the different layers, staged by sound and video projections.

The body is a recurring theme in Æsa Björk's works. She often uses cast or fused glass in combination with other materials and frequently incorporates new technology into her artistic expression or its development.

"Re-M-Embers" is a further development of the site-specific installation Embers, which has been exhibited at "Passage at the Byre" in Scotland for the past two years, organized by Bullseye Projects USA. The installation in S12 will continue to evolve and develop throughout the exhibition period.

Æsa Björk (b. Reykjavik) studied at VSUP in Prague under Vladimir Kopecky and holds a master's degree from the Edinburgh College of Art (1997). She has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions and is part of several museum collections such as KODE in Bergen, the National Museum in Oslo, Toyama Glass Art Museum in Japan, among others. Björk has won several important awards; in 2018, she received the Grand Prize at the Toyama International Glass Exhibition, in 2020 she was awarded a 10-year working grant from the Norwegian Arts Council, and in 2022 she received the Coburg Glass Prize for Contemporary Glass, which is Europe's most prestigious award for contemporary glass art.

Last Updated: 06/13/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

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