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Retreat with Meditation & Yoga


Sometimes we just need a long-awaited rest break, where we get the opportunity to breathe out, lower our shoulders, a place where we can be ourselves, and feel that we can fill up with something that makes us smile deep inside 😌

This retreat will give you more than just silence and inner peace - find joy in music & meditation, meet new friends, develop yourself, take part in vegetarian cooking, experience beautiful winter nature, cozy fireplaces, and much more!

Maybe this is what you need now? 🙋‍♀️

☀️ More about the scheme
We start on Friday 26 January and arrive to a home-cooked vegetarian meal (warming winter stew). After dinner, we gather for the informal opening of the retreat, where we tell a little about ourselves and what we will do together at the retreat. Then there will be pleasant musical meditation with mantras. We round off the evening with guided deep relaxation, a favorite for many.

The rest of the retreat will be:
07:00 Calm morning yoga
08:00 Meditation
09:00 Breakfast vegetarian buffet
Free time / Lunch / Workshops*
14:30 Hatha Yoga
16:30 Dinner vegetarian buffet 🥕😋
18:00 Music meditation
19:00 Film evening with wisdom, reflection & tea
20:30 Deep relaxation
* Free time: relax, read, go for a walk etc.
* * Possible workshops: vegetarian cooking courses, self-development, pranayama, mindfulness etc.

The aim of this retreat is to give you a taste of the yoga lifestyle which is so much more than just physical exercises 😌

Don't worry if you are completely new to meditation, it is very easy and everything is explained. You are not alone, there are many who are in the same situation 😊

- Cost: NOK 3,450 (NOK 2,250 student) covers accommodation, food and all courses
- Location: On the coast north of Orkanger, approx. 1h 45 min drive from Trondheim. We drive together or pick you up at the nearest bus stop or ferry quay.
- Date: Arrival on Friday 26 January and return home on Wednesday 31 January at approx. 14:00 after we have finished cleaning
- Take part: Our retreats are volunteer-based, where everyone contributes what they can! There will be an opportunity to help with cooking, washing up, equipment etc. 😊

👉 https://tmy.no/events
👉 or Vipps to #34567 and send a message to Kristian on 97524299 or info@tmy.no with full name, phone number, email.
👉 ATTENTION: we strongly recommend that you come to one of our meditation courses before signing up :)

Feel free to send us questions if you have any questions. You can also read more at www.tmy.no/retreat

Last Updated: 11/09/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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