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Rocky was started in 1977 by Knut J. Dahle, Kjell Arne Brødreskift, Otto Teigseth and Bjarne Bårdstu.
The band became known early on for a slightly different dance/pop/rock repertoire, i.a. with a good proportion of Steely Dan songs on the programme, and became a bit of a "musicians' band" because of this. It also gave them an enthusiastic fan base who faithfully turned up at dance parties and concerts around the country. Maybe some of these find their way to Ila these evenings too?

Rocky got off to a flying start in early 1978, with 2nd place in the Trønder Championship and an appearance on Musikalsk Gjestebud on NRK TV. The level of activity soon became so high that music became the main occupation for a period. After 1980, the band changed line-up several times, and was disbanded in '82.

Last autumn, Rocky took part in the Trøndersk Mimrekonsert in Olavshallen, which added so much flavor that they wanted to revive a little more of the "old days". At the Brain station, they will present a good mix of the repertoire from that time, from Gasolin' and Shu-bi-dua to Bob Marley and Patti Smith, from old Fleetwood Mac to The Knack and Steely Dan. A goodie bag for older, rhythmic youth there, that is.

At Brainnstasjonen, three of the original members are on stage; Knut J (keyboards), Kjell Arne (guitar) and Bjarne (bass), while none other than Jan Ove Oksvoll steps in on drums.
This is going to be fun!!

Last Updated: 02/12/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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