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RSP & Thomax // FASEFEIL-turné // BYSCENEN

RSP & Thomax come to Byscenen!

Caught between the shore and the stars, Norwegian rap's most impressive sleeper build is back on the wings. New songs, new jokes, new hurts. New attempts to build a Formula 1 car with things they found on the Norcargo dock.

When RSP & Thomax take the Trivselsmaskinen on tour, there will be full houses and empty glasses wherever they go, and now the northern Norwegian rap enthusiasts are finally back to do what they do best: Deliver atmosphere in all forms to northerners all over the country!

Check out the story from people in the know:

"Say what you want about Violet Road's contact with the public, but it doesn't beat the feeling of friendship you get with RSP & Thomax" - Bodø Nu (Dice Cast 6)

"A waterfall of good hip-hop" - Avisa Nordland (Dice roll 5)

"The cylinders were well lubricated and the abdomen received plenty of lubricant." - Saltenposten (Dice roll 5)

Tickets will be released on Wednesday 8 May at 12.00
Price: NOK 300 + tax
The doors open at 8 p.m
Concert start at 21.00
More info:

Last Updated: 05/06/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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