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29-year-old Ruben Markussen grows up on the small island of Bjarkøy in Troms, an island with few inhabitants and plenty of time for creative expression. As a child, Ruben first dreams of becoming a researcher, then an electrician. He is interested in digging deep, creating something and understanding how things fit together. At Bjarkøy, interest in dance, video, music video production and later music production is growing.
The interests from growing up in the north eventually lead him further south to Inlandet, more specifically the University College at Rena. Here he studies music production, and will become a producer. One day the class above him has a school project, where he almost by chance ends up participating as an artist. That's how the artist Ruben is born.

Over 430 million streams, a Spellemannspris and a number of sold-out concerts and song releases later, the established artist, songwriter and storyteller has new dreams. He describes himself as a bit neurotic, maybe a bit like the character "Morty" in "Rick and Morty".

- He is a little scared, but still does everything scary. I feel that I always have a little uneasiness inside me, but when I go on stage, which is intense exposure, I jump into it and let go of all inhibitions, dare to be vulnerable and feel that everything is possible. My dream has become to be able to play for a large audience that sings along, to stand on stage and have a party with the audience. I feel like I'm living that dream now - Ruben

Since his debut as an artist in 2017, Ruben's music has been characterized by a melancholic and melodious soundscape, with honest and strong lyrics. He writes about what happens in his life here and there, and can find inspiration in everything from something that is said on television, written in a comment field or something he reads in a poem.

When he hears something that inspires him, he repeats it in his head until he has time to write it down in a note on his phone that has become so long that it hangs up when he opens it. Last autumn, the plan was to release part two of what was supposed to be an album, but the one he had written had passed further into his life then and there. He would rather return to the studio and explore other emotions. The first part of that story comes with the heartfelt "Oh Lord", which will be released on Friday 12 April.

Last Updated: 04/18/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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