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Senjahopen + Midnight Cowboi

Senjahope, Friday 8 December.
Doors open 20:00.
20 years age limit.

Senjahope in Oslo, Trondheim and cheers Glimt!
After approx. six albums, a couple of hundred concerts and thousands of stickers, there is no doubt that pretty much everyone interested in rock here on the mountain has heard of Senjahope. Their latest release to date is a kind of compilation album, so now when they are now going out and making their pants green for both southerners, northerners and Trønders, it would be strange if it wasn't the tenderloin of the catalog that was to be served. And then absolutely guaranteed on a silver platter. Albeit by a slightly shabby group of waiters. This dish goes well with a glass of drink, and the party starts at Sinus in Bodø on 21 October, and ends in Oslo and Trondheim on 25 November and 8 December respectively.

Senjahop's first release, "Bli Med På Yttersia" came in 2010, but it was only two years later, when "Tåra, Pess og Blod" came out, that they really proved that they were "in it for the long run". This album received favorable reviews from the press nationally as well as in the north, and Dagbladet itself chimed in with the headline "Senja"føkking"hopen ruler". In 2014, "Tida og Veien" came out with, among other things, the song "Tell Øverbygd", which is one of the cornerstones of Ordentlig Radio's music profile. In 2016, "Himmel og Hav" came out, which also garnered fives and praise all over the world. The 360-degree video for "Dear Jenny" became a real talking point on social media and the strongly personal and melancholic song "1985" has led, in addition to Nitimen visits, to many a wet corner of the eye. In 2020, the album came out with the troll-in-word title "Ingen Kjære Mor". Here you find, like a pearl among pearls, "En Hælvettes Gjeng" itself, which is probably the closest you can get to a Northern Norwegian national anthem without being called Bremnes or Hoff. The latest release for the time being came in the autumn of 2022 and is a one-of-a-kind collection of singles and previously unreleased material, which, despite having been recorded over a decade, sounds like a complete album. Evil tongues will surely have it that this is a symptom of an absence of development, but the truth is probably rather that the clock to Senjahopen has stopped at about the time it should be.

Midnight Cowboy:
Midnite Cowboy plays a mix of country, southern rock and Americana. The band originated in January 2023, when two riders from the north allied themselves with two outlaws from Horten. Together they form Midnight Cowboy and are ready to ride out into the thousand sunsets to spread lawless gospel to the country's many nooks and crannies. The guys were recently in Caliban Studios Storsjøen and recorded their debut album, which can be expected in the new year.

Last Updated: 10/04/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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