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Sevje, by Tiril Havdal


Tiril Havdal (born in 1974, Melhus) made her debut at the Trøndelagsutstilling in 2019. She works with clay, drawing inspiration primarily from nature. Havdal’s works often take organic forms, exploring the balance between the strength and vulnerability of the material right up to its breaking point. She shapes the clay on a potter’s wheel, then continues to model and refine the form, applying layers of various glazes. The process leaves distinct marks on the artworks, and by subjecting them to what may be perceived as destructive pressures, opportunities for new growth and directions emerge. Her sculptures have a clear, organic vitality—some are introverted, casting their gaze downward, while others boldly assert their presence in the room. Havdal engages with the impressions of nature, and her works can be experienced as otherworldly beings or plants.


Last Updated: 07/02/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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