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Short years, long days // Trondheim Fringe 2024

Short years, long days
A hip-hop monologue about being a child on the run

Produced by SPKRBOX

In a monologue performance peppered with his own songs, Samir Madad tells about his hometown in Afghanistan, about the sunlight through the trees around the courtyard and about the dramatic journey that lasted several years - which took him to a tiny town in the Northwest. Short years, long days is a story about being invited to your first Christmas celebration and about having Norwegian grandparents. About discovering hip-hop, about wanting bunad, about living in a cottage at Helsfyr. About a father who disappears. And that Oslo's streets could just as well have been the mountains.

Short years, long days is based on Samir Madad and his personal story. A journey from Mazar in Afghanistan to Oslo and Larsnes in Norway. "Hate to the Poppy, hello to the nettle". And everything in between.

In 2001, Samir was six years old and fled Afghanistan with his mum, dad and older brother. The escape lasted two years. Since 2003, Samir has lived in Norway where he works as a youth worker, musician and photographer. But when the pandemic knocked on the door, and the world closed in, Afghanistan and the journey to Norway pushed forward in the cerebral cortex.

"If you were lucky you had a roomie. Or a family.

What I did have was plenty of time.

I had time to think. Time to understand. Time to feel.

I had time to take the matches that I had postponed.

I stood face-to-face with the hideous monsters. In myself.

And the two-year journey...

It started to crack a little"

Samir's story is a tale of having been a child on the run. And about sitting as an adult, in the silence of a lockdown, and for the very first time taking in "what that kid really had to go through".

"We have other things to think about. Than me. I can't cry now."

Director: Hedda Sandvig

Performer: Samir Madad

Idea and script: Hedda Sandvig and Samir Madad

Music: Samir Madad

Lighting designer/Scenographer: Agnethe Tellefsen

Music consultant: Beatur

Sound engineer: Anders Siegrist Oliver

Supervisor: Cici Henriksen

Producer: Anja O. Kjærnli

Last Updated: 03/09/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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