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Sidetrack - Afternoon Blues

The blues band Sidetrack has become a very popular live band in the entire Eastland area, and full houses both in Lillestrøm and in Oslo for many years. Sidetrack's songwriter and frontman is the guitarist Arild Nygaard from Tynset, who has more than 40 years of experience from various bands. Nygaard's trademark is a worn Telecaster guitar and a joy in playing that rubs off on everything and everyone. Guitar brother Inge Texas Holden with raw solos and tough guitars. On drums, we find another thin thing, namely Per Aksel Slettan, who in the blues context has been nicknamed "Shuffle Daddy". Sidetrack's bassist is also from Tynset, but has lived in the town for over 20 years. Runar "Rudy" Trøen plays steadily and smiles slyly. Håvard Bækkevold from Lillehammer is an experienced harmonica player with soul and special effects, and when the sunglasses and the Russian hat come into place, the air is blown for departure with "Mean Old Train". Sidetrack started playing in 2001, and the members have extensive experience in blues music. They get their inspiration from, among other things, R.L. Burnside, Buddy Guy, and Junior Kimborough. In addition, it was sped on with solid doses of rock and sex. We might sound like a mix of Kimborough and the Rolling Stones, says Arild Nygaard. He says that the band started by playing cover songs, but they soon found out that they needed their own style, and thus it was their own material that got a place on the set lists. Songs such as "Mary Jean" and "Sugar in the Morning" have gradually established themselves as solid audience favourites. The band is primarily a live band. - We don't sound perfect, but we drive our own style and try to create atmosphere and mood, continues Nygaard. It is not unusual for the guitarist to find himself lying on the dance floor during concerts, or for the entire band to leave the stage and embark on a wireless wander through the concert venue!

Guitar and vocals Arild Nygaard
Guitar Inge Holden
Bass Runar Trøen
Harmonica Håvard Bækkevold
Drums Per Aksel Slettan

Last Updated: 05/05/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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