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Silent Disco Club to Dødens dal

· Place: Dødens Dal· Doors: 18:30· Price: 340kr (member)/ 440kr (not-member) · Age limit: 18 year------------------------------------------------------------------------Get ready to rock your headset and sing at the top of your lungs - Silent Disco Club is of course coming back to UKA!On October 21, it's breaking loose in Dødens dal and we hope to see you there! You are given a headset at the entrance and can choose between 3 different channels to listen to. The channels have different colors so that you can see what the others are listening to. The DJs play everything from ABBA and older bangers to remixes and new hits!There will be guaranteed good vibes and shameless sing-alongs when UKA-23 invites you to the Silent Disco Club, so this is something you don´t want to miss out on! Secure your tickets 26.08. at 12:00 to join one of the highlights this fall!

Last Updated: 08/25/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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