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SLAM/OPEN MIC // Trondheim Fringe 2024


FINALLY it's happening again! And this time it's more banging than ever during this year's Trondheim Fringe!

Welcome to another round of SLAM/OPEN MIC!
Do you want to read a poem you've written, rap a few lines, do spoken words and/or slam?
Here, it is open to everyone to join in, and make this one of the most pleasant and rawest things that happens during the whole festival, whether you are thinking of standing on stage soulfully, or backing those who do.
The rules are simple; registration starts one hour before the event, but it is also possible to register during the event, and/or during one of the evening's breaks. Max 5 minutes per feature, but you are welcome to include more texts if you want (and no, you don't have to know them by heart)!
The overall motto is anyway: maximum love and maximum respect.

The evening's host is actress and slam poet Lisa Birkenes Thun, and that's also where you sign up, if you want to go on stage and test your stuff this evening.

Showcase for this lovely spring evening is none other than Svartlamoen's own Trond Wiger, and the eminent Erlend Smalås, who together are currently releasing a record under their collaboration Enok Monk! In addition, there will also be some guest performances from some of Norway's roughest slam poets, and not least Beatur, the legendary Icelandic beat boxer who is currently performing "BEATUR - Master of the Universe" during the Trondheim Fringe. In other words - this evening you will (should) not miss!

Tonight's showcase - ENOK MONK:
Trond Wiger and Erlend Smalås make up the group Enok Monk. A collaboration that takes the listener on a unique musical experience. With 70 years of experience between them, Erlend and Trond have collaborated with exceptional musicians on different sides of Norwegian music life.
Together they have done theater in New York, been a gift for Arve Tellefsen's 80th birthday and played concerts together in the group Børeks Firo since 2008. Now they break out to create a distinctive album where they playfully explore the dynamics between vocals and double bass.
With a good knowledge of each other and a solid musical foundation, the debut album bears the stamp of a depth that cannot always be taken for granted in newborn projects.
The debut album 'føkt mose' will be released on 26 April, while – to the delight of those of us who are impatient for a taste – a three-track EP will fortunately be released digitally on 23 February.
And for those of us who are extra lucky, we might get a taste of this this evening!

The doors open:
Show start: at 20:00
Show ends: 23:00
Prize: Pay what you like

Last Updated: 03/07/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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