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SOOTspelet, Ørje


The story of the farm boy Engebret Soot, who heard the song from the stream, let the water decide its course and became the father of the Halden canal.

Experience the story of the homemaker boy Engebret Soot, who heard the song from the stream, let the water decide its way and became the father of the Halden Canal. In the middle of the historic outdoor surroundings in Ørje Locks in the Halden Canal, the story unfolds again. With the water as a partner, more than a backdrop. Immerse yourself in the toil of the timber floats, experience the magical powers of the water when the lock gates open in front of you, hear the stream sing and feel the goosebumps rise when the water is lowered and the sluice gate closes for the last time. It is set for a unique experience!

More than 22,000 cheering spectators in Ørje Sluseamfi have already become acquainted with Engebret Soot's history and work. His lush imagination, strong dreams and the buoyancy that was strong enough to breathe life into visions! But it is more preserved in history!

Inger Marie - Her father's daughter
Now it's finally time to get to know Inger Marie - Her father's daughter! She who was most like his father, who followed him in thick and thin and went into death on his funeral day. Inger Marie Soot's story is the story of a strong woman, who through a dramatic life, to the fullest, gets to test her strength. A strong story about motherly love, political games, unhappy love, historical milestones and a girl who also hears the song from the stream. Inger Marie admires her father boundlessly and follows in his footsteps from the time she is a little girl. She becomes his great support and help, but Engebret Soot fails his daughter when it comes to gaining benefits so he can follow his own dreams.

We met her already in the SOOT theatre - "The song about Sootbekken" where Engebret proudly took his firstborn in his arms, and we followed their very, close relationship in thick and thin through life, all the way to the end when they enter "the last lock gate" together. In June 2022, the audience gets her strong story!

"The theatre about Engebret Soot" was originally written by Ole Karsten Andersen in 1986 and has since been performed on various occasions. The SOOTspel - "The song from Sootbekken" has been adapted and expanded by Anneli Sollie. The music was written by Henning Kvitnes.

Ørje Sluseamfi
The SOOT theatre is arranged annually outdoors in Ørje Sluseamfi in the unique and idyllic Halden Canal, with the timber floating history as a backdrop. The lock area and Ørje Brug form a distinctive setting for the theater performance itself and all the activities that take place during the play days, and the active steamboat environment gives the surroundings a historic feel. The SOOT market, the Boat Cafe and the cozy shops and eateries in the city center give each guest an experience when they visit the theatre.

Last Updated: 04/22/2024

Source: Visit Indre Østfold

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