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Stammen Cafè & Bar - Talk with Konfiansa and Dype Røtter

What is the history of what we eat and drink?At Stammen Cafè & Bar, we choose our ingredients with care.Thanks to some truly unique local players, we are fortunate enough to be able to offer raw materials that are grown regeneratively and with a solid ethical foundation.Join inspiring talks with two of our suppliers, Konfiansa and Dype Røtter, and get a direct meeting with some of the people behind the raw materials, as well as an insight into the important projects they are part of.About KonfiansaKonfiansa is an ideal project run by Norwegian and East Timorese students, with the aim of producing and selling coffee in a value chain based on solidarity & openness.Konfiansa has a background in the student organization Kria dalan, which for several years has worked with social projects in East Timor. These projects have mainly focused on rural development issues.With one foot in East Timor and one in Norway, we have good conditions for reducing the distance between producers in one of the world's poorest coffee-producing countries and consumers in one of the world's richest (and most coffee-drinking) countries.Production and projects must be rooted in the local community, based on local premises, and designed in collaboration with local stakeholders.About Dype RøtterDype Røtter is a non-profit voluntary organisation, which began project delivery in 2020. Dype Røtter carries out activities that focus on three key areas - cultural integration, environmental sustainability and experiential learning.We work to regenerate -land, place, person, world. We do this on a local level, but hope and believe that our impact is greater. Through our work, we show that we can work effectively with circularity to feed ourselves, others and our planet.In the market garden, we start with gradual regeneration of the soil for future generations so that it becomes healthier, more varied and resilient. With our hands in the soil, we support refugees, support them in Norwegian education, provide work experience and courage to believe in their own roots as part of Norwegian society.We run Kafe Spire, and offer a tasty menu made from ingredients from Deep Roots and Reppe Søndre and grow vegetables and fruit according to regenerative agricultural principles, and sell them directly to local customers.

Last Updated: 09/05/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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