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Steve Wynn (US)

STEVE WYNNMoskus, TrondheimTirsdag 10. oktoberSteve Wynn tilbake til Moskus i oktober!Det er mange som gleder seg, etter ei lang rekke fabelaktige konserter gjennom 40 år, solo og med band.Kultartisten Steve Wynn har helt sidan starten med bandet Dream Syndicate hatt ein stor og trofast tilhengerskare i Norge.Med Dream Syndicate tilhører han en av grunnleggaerne av Paisley Underground innen rocken, en musikkretning som opplever litt av en renessanse i 2023.Mange mener Steve Wynn er aller best alene på scenen.Med halvakustisk gitar og en liten forsterker sjarmerer han publikum i senk, både i og mellom sangene.Musikalsk underholdning av aller ypperste klasse!www.stevewynn.netHis email address and his Instagram handle are both “cultartist.” He’s never had a top 40 record or won a Grammy award.And yet Steve Wynn has forged a four-decade career in which he’s recorded over 400 songs and played well over 3000 shows to fans around the world who can name and debate every song across the dozens of records he’s made in his various musical guises.A cult artist indeed. And yet, to talk to Wynn, it’s almost as though it was the design from the start.“Sure, I was a fan of the Beatles and the Stones but my passion always leaned towards the ones who lived below the radar. Most of my musical obsessions were bands like the Velvet Underground, the Stooges, Modern Lovers, Gun Club—bands like that who never sold records in their time but who also made great records that just grew in stature over time.”The first band that comes to mind for most people aware of Wynn’s music is The Dream Syndicate. Wynn founded the band back in 1982 with Karl Precoda, Kendra Smith and Dennis Duck and their debut album “The Days of Wine and Roses” was a cornerstone of the indie rock scene that would develop in the band’s wake.“I’ve made a lot of albums and, to be honest, I like all of them and they’ve mostly been received really well but that one is the one that will always come up first with anyone who talks about my music. And I’m fine with that. I’m a fan of that record as well.”But Wynn didn’t stop in 1982. The Dream Syndicate continued with three more records in the 80’s and then broke up in 1988. 29 years later they came back with “How Did I Find Myself Here,” the start of a trilogy of new records made in Richmond, Virginia that put the band back in the spotlight, picking up where the band left off and taking the old sound to brand new places.In between those two eras of The Dream Syndicate, Steve made 11 solo albums and toured incessantly with his various solo bands including the much-loved Miracle 3 with his wife Linda Pitmon on drums, Dave Decastro on bass and alsoJason Victor who would end up as the guitarist of the Dream Syndicate Mach II.

Last Updated: 08/29/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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