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Susanne Sundfør


Susanne Sundfør is finally back in Oslo Spektrum!

Susanen Sundfør is one of Norway's greatest musicians, with her uniquely spellbinding electro / folk pop.

Eight years have gone since Sundfør filled the the concert hall Oslo Spektrum, which has been described as "the most beautiful thing that has happened in Oslo Spektrum for a long time".

Through her 16 year long career, she has played unforgettable concerts, and continues to challenge her own musical limits.

Her last release, the record 'blómi', is inspired by Norse mythology, erotc texts, Dostojevskij and Sundfør's own personal vision of the universe. This record marked a new direction for Sundfør, and received excellent reviews.

The concert will explore the entire spectrum of Sundfør's career, from the muted, folk-inspired tracks to the dancable pop hits. It is an opportunity to experience a musician who not only creates music, but also shares of her life experience and creative journey.

Doors open: approx 1 hour before the concert starts.

Last Updated: 06/15/2024

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