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Talk about: Else Hagen

Talk about: Else Hagen
Dialogue-based tour
Wednesday 29 May at 18:30
The museum's main building at Nidaros Cathedral
NB!: Limited number of places. The event is included in the entrance ticket.


Join us for a little deep dive into the exhibition "Else Hagen. Between people", together with curator Ida Grøttum. Starting from the text "Som et slavg pattern", which Grøttum has written in the book about Else Hagen, we get an insight into the way Hagen composed his pictures. By looking more closely at some of the pictures in the exhibition, we find both the influence of the artist Georg Jacobsen, but also something of the distinctive character of Else Hagen. And what is the connection between these aspects?


Talk about:
Talking about art may sound simple, but is for many of us a challenge - which words should we use and which terms can we use when describing a work of art, and how does this work of art affect us?
Talk about is a series of dialogue-based tours with a workshop, where an art mediator together with the audience makes a deep dive into a work based on a concept and finally explores a technique in the workshop. With Snakk om, we hope together with the public to share subjective experiences, new aspects and knowledge together and create a language to talk about art.
Talk about is a tour initiative in extension of the book Talk about art published by the Trondheim Art Museum.

Last Updated: 05/11/2024

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